Tracking a New Plastic Boots EP Live

In Between Takes

In Between Takes

The past two weeks have been insane while I’ve been insanely busy. The Plastic Boots began work on our new EP last week, only to be cut short by a no-call/no-show by a musician on the session. The next day we had to put the brakes on once again, as I had severe food-poisoning from some dime-store sushi. It’s insane how much four days off can affect your musical momentum. I’ve been working non-stop to catch up (hence, the lack of news o blog posts) on several major projects and events.
The shot above shows how the new Plastic Boots album is being recorded: live and in the same room! I’m going for that raw energy that can’t be captured by recording piece by piece and meticulously layering in overdubs. No beat detective, no pitch correction, no technological crutches, no nonsense. Boom.


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