Growing up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania afforded me the opportunity to listen to and study with some of the world’s finest musicians, including my Stepfather, who began teaching me before I could even tie my shoes. As a teenager I studied jazz and classical music at Duquesne and Carnegie Mellon Universities, and later completed my formal college education at Capital University’s Conservatory of Music in Columbus, Ohio.
Following my time in Columbus, I had the opportunity to record and perform across the world in variety of musical settings ranging from rock to jazz to hip-hop.
In 2010, I relocated to Chicago in order to take advantage of the amazing musical opportunities this great city provides. Currently I record and tour with several regional acts, along with freelancing as a producer/engineer and multi-instrumentalist out of my own project studio.
Regardless of secondary priorities such as style, exposure and money, my primary goal is to be involved in the creative and artistic process of quality music whether it be performing, writing, or producing.  Simply put, no matter how raw or polished the music is or how big or small the gig is, as long as what is being created is worthwhile, I want to be involved.

Band/Artists I’ve Worked With

w/The Future Laureates at Chicago Bluegrass and Blues Fest




 The Beatles, The Police, Miles Davis, Sly & the Family Stone, The Meters, Steve Gadd, Tom Waits, James Brown, Squarepusher, Stewart Copeland, Derek DiCenzo, The Roots, Beck, John Lennon, Tne Beastie Boys, Johnny Rabb, Prince, Jojo Mayer,  John Scofield,  Debussey, Stravinsky, Tony McClung, Motorhead, Ringo Starr, Hoodoo Soul Band, Count Basie, Radiohead, Sergio Mendes, Peter Gabriel, Stevie Wonder, Jeff Buckley