364: Registration


I can’t believe it.

I did it. No. I didn’t scale the mountain, but I did step to it. I REGISTERED for the Ironman. Some may shrug that off and claim that registering is no feat, but for me it exemplified the huge obstacles that I will have to find a way around for the next 364 days of my life.

My choice of career clashes directly against the physical, financial, and lifestyle demands of a triathlete. I’m a self-employed musician. I think that is more than enough of an explanation.

Today was all about the first of what surely will be many financial hurdles. Keeping travel costs in mind, I set my sights on Ironman Wisconsin. which is the only race location where I can avoid the logistical and financial nightmare of flying with a bike. Being able to easily travel to the race site, both for the competition and to train on the course, eliminates variables and optimizes my chances for success as a first timer. Like most other races, IMWI costs around $700, and often sells out within the first hour of registration. The only problem is, I had nowhere near $700 to my name prior to registration opening.

I had been panicking for the week prior, as I knew that I would be encountering this situation, and could not bear to contemplate waiting two years to compete in an Ironman. I had worked my tail off this past summer for the half Ironman I completed and was already itching to go again. Swallowing my pride, I asked around to borrow money. My ego could take the hit, which would sting much less than missing out on a dream. A wonderful friend provided what she could, but I was still not all the way there. Defying all sense of responsibility, I decided to use my rent money to pay for entry. The shit storm I surely just started will eventually (hopefully?) blow over. When it does, I’ll be on my way to Ironman…. even if I don’t have a place to live.


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